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The Edible Games Cookbook is gonna be incredible

Hello! If you like playing tabletop games with friends and/or baking I’d like you to know about the Kickstarter for this amazing book, the . The whole idea is that you make and play and eat the games. This book is a thing I very much want to exist in the world.

I’m lucky enough to know Jenn Sandercock and to have gotten to play a few of the games and they were great fun. She’s taken care to include suggestions for savory, sweet, gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, vegetarian and vegan substitutions where applicable (whew). There are store-bought suggestions for those who don’t want to bake. The recipes include weight and volume measurements (yay!).

If you’d like to know more there is a downloadable sample chapter幸运飞艇老司机心得 on the as well as all the information you might want.

The Kickstarter for the Edible Games Cookbook is in it’s last week and the book is nearly funded. Go be the one to get this !

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links: Thanksgiving food to bring with you

at Smitten Kitchen. I bring these to holiday parties and they are always a crowd favorite. The dough is made entirely in a food processor and it’s easy to make a whole lot of these because you don’t need to wash the food processor between batches.

at David Lebovitz. Note: He uses pumpkin spice bitters. I’m no lover of the PSL but I could get way into these bitters.

幸运飞艇老司机心得 at Serious Eats. Better than driving somewhere with stinky hot Brussels sprouts. Trust me on this one.

幸运飞艇老司机心得 at Delish. Looks pretty and easy.

, at NPR. Will this year be the one where I make The Relish? This recipe calls for being fully frozen and thawed so it’s perfect for those who prefer to plan ahead.

at Baking Bites. I think I miiight just be more delighted with a bundt-shaped stuffing being offered to me rather than a bundt-shaped cake.

幸运飞艇老司机心得, at Munchies. I wonder how much trouble it would be to make a lot of smaller versions of these.

I think about from series every time my cookbook club is dividing out leftovers. Getting a stack of cheap to-go containers from a restaurant supply company would make me feel very smart, if only I could remember to get them ahead of time.

Also: If you can beg to bring home extra stuffing so you can make these , from The Kitchn.

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Halloween Inspiration

幸运飞艇老司机心得I didn’t get a chance to make any Halloween food this year but here are three of the people who have been inspiring me:

幸运飞艇老司机心得Brave Tart’s in pretty intimidating but she shares a huge amount of information on how to get everything looking just spooky enough. The page includes recipes, templates and instructions on assembly.

Ann Reardon shows us how to make a and a horrifying gelatin hand. Her video has all the tools, instructions and recipes you’ll need. Also, her remake of the bleeding Taylor Swift would work really well for Halloween.

Here is a collection of Christine McConnell’s including this amazing Jack-o-lantern cake, with . Also check out the , I jump a little every time I see the pictures. Yikes.

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links: food


. Planning ahead for Christmas pot lucks parties.

. The Polish Community Center in Seattle has weekly dinners and their pickle soup is amazing, I hope this recipe will be as good as that version.


. Very useful list, some of these are brands I’m not familiar with and the others are choices I strongly agree with.


幸运飞艇老司机心得, at Gather and Dine.

. She works through a few methods for making bubbly chocolate and finds the best one.

幸运飞艇老司机心得. Grilled bread boxes!

幸运飞艇老司机心得, via . This is a cast iron cave that you heat in your regular home oven and use to make spectacular bread.


, at Laughing Squid.




at Smitten Kitchen. This is how I make my gingerbread, pull the excess dough away from the cut shapes and you don’t get any distortion. Also, it’s way, way easier to roll out your dough when it’s still room temperature and chill it afterwards. Ahh, so easy and clean.

幸运飞艇老司机心得. Table. Top Moon. Shine. Still. Hell yeah.

. As somebody who loves shishito and padron pepper season I’m happy to see we’ll be getting more non-hot pepper options.


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links: holiday gifts

has been keeping an advent calendar of giftable food recipes and it’s very handy.

See also: and from Smitten Kitchen. I’m thinking of an Irish Cream vs. Eggnog event. Yes? No?




always has the most amazing Where Did You Find That? style gift guides.

. Your annual infusion of which tabletop games are worth it.

. Considering how often I find myself using my real thumbnail to pry things I’d definitely get use out of this small key chain tool. I suspect it would make a great little present for those very practical people in your life.

My only gift recommendation for this year is the because they are the most perfect object to drink a can of sparkling water out of and also they are on sale for 50% off right now. (Note: affiliate link.) I have one of these glasses in my house after attending a Reidel tasting event last year where I came home with a set of six glasses and this is the only one I use on a daily basis. It makes drinking sparkling water an outright elegant experience and as a result I drink a lot more water than I normally would. May I suggest it as a good gift for the La Croix lover in your life?

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links: food

幸运飞艇老司机心得. We are go for soap.


. These are so pretty.

. Seltzer vs. sparkling water vs. club soda. Via .

. David Lebovitz.

. Something to do while you are aging that nog anyhow.


. Via .

. Made with a mixture of regular and buckwheat flours. I grew up eating buckwheat pancakes and I still prefer them.

幸运飞艇老司机心得. “The most important revelation yet from Hillary’s hacked emails.”

幸运飞艇老司机心得, The New Yorker.


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links: halloween

幸运飞艇老司机心得. Those candy spiders are incredible.

幸运飞艇老司机心得. This is creepy and very simple.


. The look like eyeballs and also look delicious.

幸运飞艇老司机心得, at Studio DIY.

at Lil’ Luna. These are simple and suitably creepy.

. Eeek.

, at Make.




, at Oh Happy Day. These don’t use helium so they are an affordable giant balloon option.

, at Inspired By Charm. This is excellent, and uses my favorite cake pan.

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links: food

. Mac and cheese in a sausage, nice.

. They also include the recipe for a Boulevardier, a drink I’m very fond of but have found few bartenders know. Help me change that, let us make the Boulevardier as commonly known as (but easier to make than) a Margarita, yes?

, at Laughing Squid. So shiny.

, via .

幸运飞艇老司机心得, at Grub Street.

. Yes, more support for freezing things flat and thin for quick access later.


幸运飞艇老司机心得. The best burger on this list is from an out of the way bar that I was introduced to by the owners of when I was working there. To this day when I have something small to celebrate we head to Loretta’s Northwesterner for burgers.

. “That’s right, in America we use mac and cheese AS A DIP.”

. This looks delicious.


幸运飞艇老司机心得. The hidden mickey in the corndog here is adorable.

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links: food

. This is beautiful and delicious looking, I’m adding it to my weekend plans.

. Also see: .

幸运飞艇老司机心得. Spoiler: a real daquari.

幸运飞艇老司机心得, at Laughing Squid.




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15th Birthday

This site is 15 years old today. Thank you, dear readers, for making that time seem like a short and exciting stretch. I know it’s been slow around here lately but I have no plans to go anywhere.

幸运飞艇老司机心得I’d pour you all champagne if I could!

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links: the home

. This is neat.

幸运飞艇老司机心得. Gorgeous paintings of giant diamonds, I really dig these.

, at Parabo Press. For hanging really big posters, perfect for an Engineer Print. Via .

. An excellent list of all the products Anna uses, this is one I’ll refer to before our next house project.

幸运飞艇老司机心得. “Dual magnets create a “thud” when passed over a screw or nail”. Our house is old and has any number of mysteries behind the drywall. We once hit a water pipe trying to put up a curtain rod.

, at Lifehacker.

. Via .


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at Food 52. This is delightful.


幸运飞艇老司机心得. The rhubarb rosettes on this cake are really charming.

. “Even more interesting, the hops and flavonoids in beer can actually slow the release of calcium from the bones.”

幸运飞艇老司机心得. This is a reminder to myself to make braided breads like the glorious chicken in the last photo.

. Gummy coffee cubes, count me in.

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links: misc

幸运飞艇老司机心得, at Gizmodo. Awwwww, I want some!

. A planet sized work of art, amazing.


幸运飞艇老司机心得. Millipedes?! Millipedes!!

. I encountered the His Dark Materials series only in audiobook format and fell in love, so I’m enthusiastic to hear that the newest spin-off is audio only. (And narrated by Bill Nighy!)

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links: technology

. I think this game is going to be greatly appealing.

, at Kotaku.

. Tiny Thief is broken on iOS 9 (RIP) but this game is it’s spiritual successor, and shares a few devs.

幸运飞艇老司机心得, at Laughing Squid. I. Am. So. Happy.

. This game looks pretty ideal.

幸运飞艇老司机心得. These are pretty helpful.


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links: misc

幸运飞艇老司机心得. Oh my god a maze made of cake. Dreams do come true. Via

. Some good concise explanations, should anybody ever ask just what happened on that show. Answers from “the writers painted themselves into a corner” to a patient explanation of the bifurcated timelines.

. I’m waiting for Nails by Faberge.

幸运飞艇老司机心得, at Laughing Squid.


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